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Jeffrey Varela

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I discovered my vocation for Gestalt psychotherapy when I received psychological help myself. After going through different types of therapies, I found gestalt therapy provided the kind of support I needed. It helped me become aware of the way I was living in the present and how to improve the relationship with myself and others. I continually use gestalt therapy to ground me through the difficulties that life brings.

As we confront life’s most distressing and painful moments, we tend to repeat old patterns and behaviors, often leading us to feeling stuck. Through the therapeutic encounter we bring awareness, learning, and new ways of dealing with life. This enables creativity and the feeling that we are living life more fully.

I’ve been working as a psychotherapist since 2011. I have a degree in Psychology by the University of Valencia. I did my first training at the Instituto de Terapia Gestalt de Valencia (ITG) and later continued with Gestalt therapy and the theory of self, at the Centre Gestalt of Valencia. I have also studied Gestalt techniques for working with families and Gestalt therapy for children and adolescents.